“Houston, the EAGLE has landed…”

Finally! Installed FC 3 on my machine. With support for Indian English (Hinglish?), Marathi and Hindi. Saw Tamil, Gujurati also. Selected “install everything” and got 6756 MB worth of software. Was sweating for two hours while Anaconda was doing its stuff. After all, my CD-drive is eccentric and atleast two of the four install CDs were not at 100%, on visible inspection ie. – their surfaces were slightly cloudy/scratched.

Anaconda starts real fast. X comes up quickly too. It hanged for some time at “preparing to install, this may take a few minutes…”. By hang, I mean it took 10 minutes. Once the actual copying of packages started, it was all downhill. BTW, the ‘remaining time’ indicator never went below 50 minutes till near the end of the 3rd CD. It peaked at 70 minutes near the end of the 1st CD. During the 4th Cd, the time started dropping.

Time to explore a new OS. It sure looks sharper and neater than FC 1. And the applications have increased. Will be exploring them all.