a parody on hackers

I’ve come across this tribe recently – courtesy my entry into the tech team. I guess I can put up a series of analytical reports on them.

They usually have a PC. And it runs M$. It is entirely possible that they may have not had an option. Their engineering syllabus has Visual $tudio components, stuff like scripting and other such stuff. A point that I found was that they are very strong in M$ products – so far I’ve heard about A$P (scripting), Access (database), VC++ (programming and RAD), VB (programming, RAD and GUI developement) and Flash (rich media content distribution platform). Next point I noted was none of these have a credible free developement and deployment software. You are free to derive the conclusion of what is actually being used. Another point I noted was their insistence on using only these products. One guy was so busy in suggesting VB for everything that I considered saying something about it. But then, I’m a relative newbie (are they aware of this term? only linuxers use it, I guess), so I held my peace and followed the stream.

Another section of the team has put up a website with a database backend. Commendable. It runs A$P (I believe thats ActiveX $erver($ervlet?) Page – ActiveX is one of the things that anti-virus always warns us about) on II$ (the weakest server, security point of view – atleast the ratio of II$ servers attacked successfully to II$ servers deployed is more than for Apache) connecting to Access (need I say anything?). Guess one more server intrusion attempt will be made sometime soon.

3 thoughts on “a parody on hackers

  1. Varun Rajkumar

    wht is more important is to realise that not every one in the world knows every thing and there is nothing in the world to be ashamed about. The important thing here is to tell the others how u feel , irrespective of who u are.
    One always needs to open one self,.. It is tough but it is very important that one does that.This is eventually happen but the absolute necessity is that people speak out as and when it is necessary.

  2. rvbhute

    I do realise that its not possible to know everything. And we shouldn’t be ashamed of that. And I guess I’m opening up on this blog.

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