day in tech team – 2

Finally, the team is meshing together. But I still believe in my ‘cutting loose’ theory, based on modular architecture. I had planned to divide the team cleanly into three parts – software, presentations and hardware. Software people would develop the specialized stuff needed for some events. Presentation guys would do the flash stuff for quizzes and so on. And of course, the hardware guys would look after hardware. But then things are following their own course. The software guys are working almost on a freelancer basis. The presentation guys (I’m one) are gearing up. And the hardware guys (I’m here too!) pop up when needed. But still, we have started working as a coherent whole – you can see chaos, but its the chaos of a soccer midfield – all players know their jobs, its only their execution (which depends on several factors) which appears chaotic or random… you get what I mean, I’m sure.

Another thing is the website – our college runs gnu/linux. So the entire project is being ported into php/mysql. It will be fun. I can setup the linux and apache. The rest is trial and error.