what to do?

Now I’m confused. Anyone reading this is welcome to help me out. I’m interested in coding – just enough to solve problems that crop up in my engineering course. Preferred – Linux and C/C++. Also I’m interested in creating small websites with simple databases. Preferred – Apache and MySQL.

Now the dilemma. I’ve learnt C/C++ on DOS Turbo C and stopped at simple function templates. No GUI, system I/O or file handling. Basic Apache with Perl runs happily on Fedora. How do I rig it for a database and some other scripting language?

Do I go for Qt or KDevelop or Anjuta in Linux? And PHP and MySQL in Linux? I’m not going for heavy duty stuff. Basic familiarity and ability to do some home-projects is all I’m aiming at.

PS: I would love PHP, MySQL, KDevelop – what say?

2 thoughts on “what to do?

  1. sandesh247

    I develop (sparingly though) PHP sites using Quanta in KDE. It’s pretty good, with code completion and stuff. For web projects, you may want to stick with Quanta.

    For applications, you have the MySQL API for C, which I used to find pretty easy to pickup. And KDevelop is much better than Anjuta for an IDE.

  2. rvbhute

    Right on – Qt now seems integrated with KDevelop. And I’m aiming at web sites, not applications – so your recipe seems perfect for me. Thanks.

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