portrait of an angel

There’s this girl I know. …pretty, even beautiful. Seen her smiling. Never seen her angry. She’s real helpful if anyone asks her for help. Pity though… nearly everyone tries to set her up as a trophy – or they fear others will think that way if they act close with her. So the guys are real diffident when dealing with her. Those who are friendly get labelled – and the labels are not complementary at all. Her friends are all in other class-groups. She’s alone, I guess, in her own class-group… mingling with whosoever accepts her in their group when performing lab experiments – like a feather riding a zephyr. When the zephyr drops, the feather floats down…

I read somewhere that some girls are like pearls… pearls inside oysters. She’s someone’s pearl for sure.

Why am I writing this? A friend has fallen for her. It was like nearly everyone liked this lady. But guess one guy finally turned out to be man enough to create trouble for himself by revealing all, eh?

5 thoughts on “portrait of an angel

  1. adi

    you said this girl is pretty, but one of your friend is fallen for her then u should encourage rather than giving such harsh treatment! One thing i came to know that u have also fallen for her knowingly or unknowgily!!!!!(depending on u)
    i don’t think she’s pearl in oyster instead she is using every body for her.
    you are very jeolous of your friend

  2. rvbhute

    Well, as you said it, depending on me, I’ve not fallen for her. Second, go away, read some (good) books and then return. The finer nuances of the language escape your comprehension, my friend. I expressed admiration for my other friend – not contempt.It seems you know who I’m talking about – I haven’t named the person – so when did you read my mind? Don’t jump to conclusions without getting your facts straight.

  3. Pascal

    Hmm…she seems to be Cupid’s Psyche. For those who do not know greek mythology: Psyche was a very beautiful princess. Cupid, the God of Love, fell for her. So he never let any human love her. Thank goodness, she won’t have to be Psyche anymore.

  4. rvbhute

    Good one, Pascal. Perfect analogy. We got a nice, chubby, smiling (grinning?) Cupid here. Though, in this case, Cupid didn’t have to do anything to stop mortals from loving Psyche; call it a self – imposed ban. Besides, Cupid himself hasn’t shot his arrow at her yet!

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