am back

I’m back – after a long time. SPACE 2005 got over. I am settling into a routine – 2 KTs and the toughest semester ever… Besides, its a lot of time since I did anything serious in Linux – and its getting on my nerves. Damn Pacenet – it runs like a herring across my path everytime I get down to do something – call it the pull of the net. And I made a foolish mistake – I gave in to the urge of trying as many distros as possible, all at the same time. As far as my experience goes, it leads to a dilution of skills – I learnt to do things in different flavours rather than doing it well in one. Second, it led to expenditure that could’ve been avoided.

Well, now I’ve decided to concentrate on Debian – Ubuntu to be precise. I am amazed – they managed to post me 3 sets of the distro and they reached me – well… DAMN WELL DONE! The problem is – I kinda don’t like to see the FC3, Mandrake 10.1 and FreeBSD 5.1 lying around… Oh well – guess I’ll keep BSD. So I’ll have 2 of the most acclaimed *nixes on my box. Will keep you all posted about what happens.