the dumbing down effect

This is a good example of the windows dumbing down effect – you make computers so simple to operate that even a cockroach dropped on its head will be able to use one. Theoretically, that is.

This guy got a PC 2 years back – preloaded with win xp. 8 months later, when we visited his place, it became known that he had mistaken the RESET button for a cabinet decal. He later on claimed that his machine never caused him to use the button, so he didn’t have to look for it. Seems his machine was able to detect that all processes were frozen and had a master process hidden somewhere that would trigger a restart. Genius! Now, if such a process could run when all others were frozen, why didn’t it do a win32 version of ‘kill -all’? And whats that brilliant feature? How come its not on other hardware/win32 platforms? Wonder whether he made it up himself.

A couple of weeks back, the same guy has been asking us for a web browser. An explorer, to be precise. Win32 users think ‘explorer’ when they think ‘internet’. I used to think explorer was a trademark name of the MS web browser and file system viewer. Anyways, this guys effectively wants a browser because he doesn’t have any other application on his PC that can be used to get files from the net. He has Yahoo Messenger though. He has no idea of ftp. And worst of all, after using winxp for two years, he didn’t know that IE has been integrated into Windows Explorer. Yes, he does know it now.