Its past twelve in the night as I’m writing this. The incompatibility between different partitioning softwares and the unavailaibility of a good (read: lazy-enabled) partitioning software in Linux has caused me much grief. Due to some events, I had to remove Linux from my machine – the necessity of moving partitions being one of them. Because if I altered any Linux partition, it was as good as wiping it off. That said, yesterday (on March 19), I tried to install Linux. FC3, for some reason, consistently refused to show the first boot configuration. Ubuntu installed smoothly, but I don’t prefer it at all. So it was back to FC3 in another partition. This entailed resizing some other partition… at some point of time , Partition Magic gave an error – that my disk had been touched up using a program that read my disk as having a 16 head 32 sector geometry!!! Immediate action – forbear playing around and backup. But I pushed ahead and guess what ? Lost my swap partiton, my data partition and all my documents, downloaded setups and ebooks and everything. Its a hard lesson.

So I’m downloading stuff and going through my CDs. One good thing is I get to install the latest versions now, by force as it may be. Another is now, perhaps my documents folder will get to be be uncluttered. But I lost my cpp files. Thats going to be a tough catch up job.

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  1. Hrishi

    I am installing Linux once my primary system gets back online… Will prolly not do FC4 or FC3… Will try something else… Suggestions welcome!

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