I realized the utility of “Look before you leap”.

Having procured a 64 MB flash drive, I was looking around to putting it to a better use than just carrying files. And I found a good one – as a bootable Linux USB key. At last count, there three good quality distros for less than 64 MB –Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux and spblinux. Plus I believe that using SYSLINUX, it could be possible to make a bootable USB key from just any distro’s ISO image which fits on your flash drive, even Knoppix, if you got a 1 GB key!!

I went about downloading the manuals, how-tos and the 50 MB ISO files. After an entire day spent downloading, I thought of checking my BIOS – and it was not able to boot from a USB device… The entire project was summarily abandoned.

Before that, I tried to get a BIOS update. Again, I was ready with a flashing utility but without a proper bin file for the update…

Guess if I do manage to get the USB on my list of bootable devices, it make a great project. Any ideas on making my BIOS boot from USB welcome.

1 thought on “misadventures

  1. Hrishi

    Well, upgrade ur BIOS. If u do not have an original Intel mobo or an ASUS or something that big, BIOS updates are going to be a problem… With Intel and Windows, BIOS updates are a real breeze, all you have to do is download an executable, run it, reboot, and wait for a few seconds, and you are done. Of coures, power failure will mean death of the BIOS. I do not know of any other way of making the USB key bootable!

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