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Thats right; a five star rating. Besides the USB project, I was also downloading the iso for Kubuntu, KDE Ubuntu. It turned out to faster than waiting for the free home delivery. Now I just have to figure out a way to get it onto a CD or to do a HDD install. Time for that later. A major job done, I can get back to finishing my submissions for the term.

I was initially not sure about the torrent thing. But when my regular downloader, Wackget started giving 2K speeds, I figured I had nothing to lose by using Bit Torrent. Got the application first. Started it up. It returned 1K speeds. upload 0K. Then the speed rose to 4K and wavered around there. Upload was pegged at 1K intermittently. The real magic happened at 20% progress.

When I returned to my PC to check the progress, it was showing a download speed of 300K and the download had jumped from 20 to 47% percent. It went on for a good five minutes and then – kaput – the net went down. I figured it to be an ISP problem; somebody must have opened the tap and couldn’t figure out how to close it down, so they shut off the mains.

When the net connected an hour later, the download speed went up to 50K and stayed there. Upload speed was at 3K. The download finished within hours when I was expecting it to take days. I did a MD5 sum check. The file’s OK. Pretty cool, this torrent thing.

I hope this was not a one-shot thing caused by some problem with my ISP – I don’t think thats likely – but still…

I committed a mistake… again. Its the preview I downloaded, the actual flavour is going to be released on 6th of April.

Ok the bit torrent performance was a fluke. There must have been a copy on the local network.

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  1. Hrishi

    Well, you experienced a taste of the next generation net connection to be offered by Pacenet.

    It was a known issue, and Swapneel downloaded a whopping 5.6 GB overnight… Life was kewl! 😉

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