in retrospect

Looking back over the activities of the last two days, I realized I had my priorities all wrong. For instance the bootable usb idea was uncalled for. Even if I managed to create one, it would ‘ve been just a toy in the sense that it would be rarely used once the novelty got over. Second thing is, it led to other things that are best avoided. Like trying a BIOS update. I wasted a lot of time in that too.

Time is at a premium. I got lots of things to do before the term ends. Improving my academic record is currently a top priority objective. Everything else is secondary to that. Besides, I’m doing electrical engineering – so I ‘ve to be good in that no matter how good I’m or trying to be in other fields. And I ‘ve to stop doing stuff impulsively – its better to step back and think over it rather than rueing over wasted time later on.