another reason to slam windows

Thank the Gods that be I discovered this before chucking my BIOS battery. My system clock kept dropping back by 5-7 minutes. My first reaction (confirmed by my knowledgeable friend) was that the battery was running low. But then, it should have kept dropping back or shown some random, erratic time. This event stabilized around 5-7 minutes. Then I thought it must be the (k)ubuntu linux which was always trying to access its ntp server. Keyword being ‘trying’. Then during a bout of boredom, I was fiddling around with the system clock widget and guess what – the damn thing was accessing everyday at 3:51 PM. Swift click to disable it and now my system time is constant. Until that moment I had no idea that this synchronisation was taking place. Linux was good enough to let me know. But Windows… its a good thing I’m moving away at full speed.

1 thought on “another reason to slam windows

  1. Hrishi

    Jeez, it’s a feature for crying out loud. And yes, has known issues, so change the server to the .gov one…

    And yes, you can disable it, if you want to…

    Stop bugging about Windows for no reason.

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