Handyman around the house

Fixed the TV set today – nothing like an expert repair job, but hey, I got it working. It was refusing to turn on – all the different power buttons were tried umpteen times and the supply was OK. So I did the following.

  1. Opened the box and dusted it out – lots of dust.
  2. Moved it from its corner piece to the couch with the screen down on the cloth. That must have shaken up all movable components; guess its not been moved around for months.
  3. Took out the fuse – looked OK on the multimeter – cleaned the slight rust off its contacts.
  4. Put everything back and tried the switch – nothing.
  5. Just for certainty, tried it again – AND IT WORKED.

Hell of a repair job, I ‘ud say. Uhh well, except for bluish patches in the lower corners of the screen. Guess the handling was too rough – but wait, they are disappearing… yay! The screen is back to normal – a successful repair job indeed!