Biased against GNU/Linux

Pacenet is clearly one of the more technologically stupid ISPs around in this city. It uses RASPPPOE – it gives you a dial-up experience on a LAN. When it works, its real good. But when it breaks down, there’s no knowing the reason. They don’t provide any software to use their system from a Linux machine. But that’s OK, because there’s rp-pppoe available to use the connection. Supposedly. I called up their customer service today to ask them to enable “Linux support”. Why should that have been necessary, in the first place? And with Linux doing all the adjustments and adapting, what were they supporting? But well, sorry – but NO. No “Linux support” for packages with speed below 64 kbps – mine is 40 kbps. What the …?

Time to change ISPs. Hopefully, I should be able to persuade my sponsors, I mean my parents. Besides, the supposed advantage of Pacenet, its LAN sucks too. With a DHCP not worth its name, even the local IPs keep getting into conflicts. And are there any people out there on the LAN to play those Counter-Strike maps with? Nope. Any file sharing? Nope. And the breakdowns are now irritatingly regular. These are in addition to those caused by “maintenance/upgrade” at their “control room”. Got to switch. Urgently.

2 thoughts on “Biased against GNU/Linux

  1. Hrishi

    There is a reason Pacenet would not support Linux. Their billing and throttling software was previously incompatible with Linux, and hence. Yes, I know they should have used a better software, but then when an academic institution like our college cannot make a shift to Linux, why blame Pacenet, a commercial venture?

    Though the absurd policy of not allowing Linux for connections lower than 64 kbps is ridiculous. My friend has been using Pacenet on Linux for a few weeks now, (64 kbps plan) and he reports it is only a decent experience, with actual download speeds being lower than those in Windows…

    And Pacenet has it’s own advantages… Try using P2P such as ODC… You can get a lot of stuff that way for free!

  2. samajahh

    The bottomline here is ..Pacenet sucks…. MTNL rulz.. take the dialup MTNL connection.. and u can surf using whatever u want to .. LInux….windows…. u name it…

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