changes, changes…

My knowledgeable friend stumbled upon my blog recently and left a number of comments. Its good thing I had them mailed to me, or I would ‘ve never known about them.

One of his grouses was that he had to click a number of times before reaching the comments form. This deserves an explanation.

The first reason is that I’d like the would-be commenter to first read the other comments (if there are any comments beforehand) and then if necessary add his opinion. There’s no need to repeat or second a comment – this ain’t an assembly. That extra click also gives time for the guy to pause and sober up his thoughts so that he can comment on (instead of flaming) the article.

The other reason is I’ve hacked the original Blogger template to pieces. And these hacks were from the time before the new commenting system came up. As such, it is a real pain to hunt for the proper tags and ensure that the reader gets to comment with a single click – I’m too worried about the whole template to focus on a single piece.

But then, I’ve done what is necessary. Welcome to one-click commenting!

The banner campaign for a patent-free Europe is reported to be a success, for now. I took it off. Three cheers for the bumper-sticker crowd!!

2 thoughts on “changes, changes…

  1. Hrishi

    Not only can you recieve comment by mail, but also blog using mail. Check it out, it’s pretty kewl.

    And, the whole comment mailing has a slight flaw. If I comment, and then delete that comment, no one can read it ever again. However, a copy has already been dispatched to your mailbox, and I have no control over it. A slight gray area here, and I wonder how the online rights people haven’t yet hullaballooed about it…

    Thanks for making the comment one click. A pop up is even better.

  2. rvbhute

    Not being able to recall an e-mail gives more weight to the argument that you should pause before shooting off your comment. With the current paranoia about pop-ups and pop-unders, I’ve decided to let things be.

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