Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

Thats my life this year. I had predicted the first half to be tough – it turned out to be disastrous. I appeared for the semester exams contemplating jumping ship. Hardly the best frame of mind. And so, worsened my situation. Now I’m the last among the equals, if I ever was among the equals. And I don’t have to predict it – the rest of the year is going to be (tough? no way!) a one way ticket to hell.

I’ve led an amazingly dichotomous existence through it all. Even as college grew more frustrating, I slipped effortless into the world of computers and anime (thats what I’ll be calling manga here). I spent more time than could be justified watching Japanese animation on TV and designing websites which nobody ever viewed. Collected a bunch of experiences along the way. Even as the situation worsened, I turned more towards my other activities. It reached a nadir just as my college restarted.

Things snapped into place when I took stock of my situation in the face of my peer group’s achievements. And it was bad. I guess its never too late to fight back. Maybe I can salvage something.

After all, we get as much time to do our job as everybody else. We get one lifetime.