CMS survey

Tried out two CMS – Drupal and Mediawiki. I abandoned both for different reasons.

Before going going on, my config – Win XP SP2, Apache 2.0.54, PHP 4.4.0 and MySQL 4.1.13. Yes, almost on the bleeding edge, but then, I’m not running a production server. This trial of CMS also brought me my first experience of using MySQL and PHP (proper PHP, not just config details like in DokuWiki).

Drupal, reports from near and far say, is the CMS to use. I found its installation simple. After all, the only thing I had to do was create a database for it, which took some two minutes. The first hitch came when there appeared to be a client-server mismatch in MySQL. A quick search and a fix and I had Drupal running. Then came the killer blow. A CMS needs a mail server. It has to send a mail for almost every second event. If you think running a mail server is like running an HTTP or FTP server, do me a favor – download MailEnable or PostCast Server or any mail server of your choice and try sending some mails. Blocked ports, dynamic IPs, domains, hostnames, Mx records… you will soon forget your original job of running a CMS-driven website. I did. And so http://localhost/drupal was deleted.

Mediawiki was even easier to delete. Its setup script simply refused to connect to the MySQL server, no matter what I did. And at over 6 MB, its a huge upload to your remote server.

One result of all this is I’m pretty impressed by DokuWiki now. Its doing its stuff without any trouble. That was what had prompted me to try out the “segment leaders” in the first place. Now I’m content with DokuWiki.

2 thoughts on “CMS survey

  1. Hrishi

    There is a reason there are segment leaders. And there is a reason there are stripped down versions of the segment leaders. And there are segments within the segments.

    Choose. And deploy.

    And unblock stuff. I feel it’s not that there is something wrong with the software, as much as something is wrong with your stupid ISP.

  2. rvbhute

    Wish I owned Pacenet. Or headed its tech section. I can’t open ports, Pacenet can. And yes, Mediawiki problems were probably caused by using the latest stable versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL. Should have used something lower down on the releases list. But hey, its been a hell of a learning experience.

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