parade? charade? … tirade!

The results for the notorious Electrical department’s TE batch are out. The gods have declared a ceasefire on me. I got only one KT. But the result reads like a casualty list straight out of the guerilla warfields of Iraq. THIRTY failed in orals. FORTYFIVE failed overall. SEVENTEEN asked to sit out the year. The honours guy gets his record scuttled by a freak KT, because the powers that be refused to jack up his marks to the safety level. The debate lover came second, one point behind the topper. Others in group scurried away with low marks (according to them). My dumbed down friend is angry over his second class result. Varun and Bhise, too have been sobered up. My knowledgeable friend, I guess, has come out on top.

The result has stirred an emotion in me which reminded me of a picture I saw in the 1991 Year Book of the World Book Encyclopedia. It was taken at a neo-Nazi rally. The skinheads were gesturing, not rudely, rather it was a martial salute. And its was clear – the slogans were not being shouted. The skinheads were not chanting or screaming either. They were roaring their defiance of the authorities. Their message was clear. “We dare you to stop us because we are the results of the mistakes that you made”.

Damn. The results are bullshit. And thats the most polite thing I can say.

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  1. Hrishi

    You know, that post is one hell of a blog. Keep it up… Thou should expect more publicity soon.

    Actually, if you would have been in the patch-up-and-blame-game session that followed later on, on the next weekday, you would have to agree that I fought hard to make the department see the folly of the method of teaching.

    I shall recapitulate, very briefly: The whole system of engineering is at fault for not making students explore the subject. There is no motivation, and most stuff is done mechanically, with the only objective of scoring marks.

    And SP agreed to have not changed to the changing requirements of the spoon fed top scoring students from the HSC/SSC, who have no concept of knowledge based education.

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