the week that was

The “toppers” went for a “heart-to-heart talk” with the HoD. The HoD is unrepentant. Its we who are to blame for the debacle. Another fact which became widely known was the presence of an information network gathering all the news that could be used to effectively shut up the students in a debate/discussion/argument.


We (my team, that is) have finally got ourselves a project. For now, its “Visualization of Equal Area using Java applet”. And you guessed it right. I started Perl because of Blosxom, abandoned it. Started Python for my OOAD course, abandoned it. Started PHP because of the wiki business, abandoned it. Started MySQL becuase of MediaWiki, abandoned it. C/C++ is the only language I’m continuing with. And that too, well, in a way that is far from satisfactory. It took me three days (thank God for holidays) to convert two structs and their associated functions to their corresponding classes…

So now, its Java. And of course, C++ is de rigueur.


I felt picked upon by the whole world. So calmly skipped college for two days. Or was going to. I remebered I had to fill up and submit the fourth year entrance form on the second day. A mad scramble for the demand drafts and a headlong rush to the college was how the two day break ended in. But well, the time I spent at home was relaxing. Cleaned up long overdue stuff and carried out other such mundane chores.

And now, its back to the daily treadmill.

4 thoughts on “the week that was

  1. Varun Rajkumar

    A couple of things about the “heart to heart talk that took place(I was fortunately or Unfortunately a part of the team sent for the mission that totally failed!!!)
    1.We were not toppers… we were just a set of people who :
    a> had slightly more balls than the rest of the class…
    b> and thought we could tap oil inside bombay…

    2.There was no heart to heart talk….She had no heart… and we had it in our mouths!!!

  2. Hrishi

    I beg to differ.I never assumed that the mission was to lobby for more marks, or something of that sort. That was never going to happen. As engineers, we basically suck, and this was a perfect example. Therefore, the mission most certainly did not fail. Whether it succeeds or not, will be seen when the results of the current TEs and SEs will be out.Whatever people might say, SP has good things on her mind. Something goes wrong while those are being translated to the implementation phase.Read my comment to the previous blog, where I have tried to reason out what I put forth on that heart-2-heart.I feel that we are equally to blame. It’s not that we do not have the opportunity, or the resources, we fail to effectively exploit them.And yes, I also subscribe to the view that while we know (or some claim they do not) that such opportunities exist, we have not utilized them, because we lack motivation, are lazy, or simply did not bother since they require extra effort on our part, and that it is fine to not use them, as life goes on perfectly fine anyway.I have been seeing the warning signs since SE now, and have been warning myself and to some extent other people. But things continue to go out of control, and this tragedy results. It had to happen.In conclusion, the damage has been done, and for our batch, it cannot be rectified, it’s already beyond the line. But, if the department so wishes, and I am sure they do, and I sincerely hope my discussion has made it very clear that they must, they should take care of the current FEs and SEs, so that such a problem does not arise, again.

  3. Varun Rajkumar

    Well.. I *never* mentioned that we went lobbying for marks… But I certainly still stand by what I had quoted earlier.The outcome of the meeting was that we were told to give her a list of things that the deptt. could improve on…The entire class .. includng me myself have forgotten that.SP tries her best to improve te department .. no doubt.My knowledgeable Friend above states that we are ourselves responsible (partly or wholely) for failure, but I feel that If the deptt. would have been slightly more considerate taking into account the papers that came out this year.. the situation would have been a lot better.We are after all Devil’s (SP’s) own children.As for other’s problems… needless to say… He hardly cares….

  4. Hrishi

    Not true.I completely argued on the point that the whole engineering training was a big farce. And she agreed to it. I am of the view that we lacked, and the department did nothing to ensure that some rescue operation took place. Yes, the department is to be blamed for it, but you must agree, that it IS because we lacked, in the first place.But, I reiterate, the damage has been done. And it cannot be cleared off so soon, or easily.Of course, those are my view points. Sadly, there’s a big fire headed my way… As always.And stop using cliches such as my knowledgeable friend, it’s stupid, cause I am no more knowledgeable than you, and do not deserve that expression, at least not in the sense it is used.

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