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When I started blogging got a Blogger id in October 2004, I was a n00b as far as blogging was concerned. What brought me here was the promise of a website that was easy to update. Though I still keep a webpage, its this page which gets updated more frequently. Since then, I’ve tried setting up group blogs, forums and community sites. All to get the people I meet daily to express themselves on the web. Some didn’t think it worth their time, others were just not interested.

And now, if you look at the sidebar, you would find a lot of blogs I track. Thats good. As I read the situation, blogs (except for those with non-personal themes, like Bhise’s blog – in fact, even Bhise puts personal events on record) give me a window into that person’s life. Even if we meet in college daily, blogs are an important channel too. For it contains stuff that we don’t express in the rush of face-to-face communication. It is stuff that we put down after due deliberation and thought (atleast some of us blog that way). And it is stuff that will remain for all to read long after we leave college and stop meeting each other.

So what is it that I don’t like? Its stuffing your posts with irrelevant pictures. And passing it off as attracting eyeballs. Now a sworn Aishwarya Rai fan filling his posts with pics – I can understand, within limits of course. But a guy using pictures without relevance? From post number one? Sorry dude. You are not only penalising your blog by increasing its loading time (ask a first-time visitor about your blog’s loading time when it holds 10-15 entries per page – its a good thing that blogs are cached by most browsers) but also diluting and trivialising your content, which I’m sure it doesn’t deserve. You ‘d be better off using something like Flickr on your current blog or a photoblog somewhere else. Or maybe put in an url for the “Picture of the Post”. While I don’t mind seeing those ladies on the blogs, I don’t want the images to slow my surfing either.

Another thing is the rank commercialisation of Blogger blogs. Let me explain. Back in Oct-Nov 2004, hitting the Next Blog button (see the upper right corner) usually was a good way to reach another good personal blog. Or even a focussed community blog. Now? You reach blogs selling Cuban cigars and salvation and everything else in between. Guess thats the price for a good medium like Blogger. You won’t find it happening on LJ, but then, you can’t move around reading random blogs either.

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  1. Hrishi

    See that small FLAG button at the top, besides the NEXT BLOG button? Use it to bring to the notice of people those commerical, spam blogs. Go good for the society!

    And if you are thinking about relevancy, you might want to head over to Joel on Software. He uses a lot of irrelevant pics too. But for a reason. He claims that they add freshness and a personal touch to the posts. I am taking the middle road on this, I would not mind pics per se, though sometimes, they can get a little on the wtf-is-this-here? side.

  2. rvbhute

    I fear retaliation by experts. *cowers in a corner*Head over to Bhim’s Eye. Bhumika on a post that talks about a get-together? And no mention of her in the post! Thats the irrelevancy I’m talking about. I don’t mind seeing the pics, but then, I don’t have broadband either.

  3. Hrishi

    One sentence and maybe three clicks: Disable images.Or better still, get Opera. Selectively disable images, as the pages load. Anytime. With just one click. Bliss, isn’t it?

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