To avoid the trouble of editing my template frequently just for adding new links, I signed up with BlogRolling. And where is it used? In the “Blogs I Read” section. That list of URLs is called a blogroll. Now adding a link is a one-click function called Blogroll It!, rather like BlogThis!; both sit happily on my FF toolbar. A minor negative effect is the slight lag in loading the page while the blogroll is fetched, but hey, its still faster than the psuedo-photoblogs! Also, the free service gives just one blogroll. So I’ve moved away from listing the blogs through their authors. Now its according to their titles. And its in alphabetical order, so don’t take me to task over which blog is first and why.

If you find your Blogger blog listed here, I got a request. Make sure you have set it to notify whenever you publish it. See this for details. And why should you? Well, first, it is used by BlogRolling to mark updated blogs every five minutes or so. And this is indicated on my blogroll. So I’ll visit your blog when it is updated πŸ˜‰ Second, a lot of other services use to retrieve a list of updated blogs. So you could find your audience expanding. Its your call though. I’m happy with the basic blogroll as it is πŸ˜€