more on blogrolling and templates

Had a brief scare for a couple of hours when was inaccessible (oh god,why me?). Thought it had gone bust! Actually, it was back online by 9:30 PM IST. For starters, I had thought my decision to change templates had broken something. But that wasn’t the case. Everything is fine now. Though of course, if fails, the blog’s sidebar takes a loooooong time to load. Now I know why the sidebar stuff is put after the main page content in the HTML layout.

As for my previous template, I’ve decided to clean it up, comment it and then zip it up. Who knows when I might decide to use it again? And why did I switch templates? Three reasons.

  1. I have decided to overhaul my website. Now its truly going to be a bin for stuff linked from this blog. So no wiki. So, there is no need to maintain a coherent theme between the two sites.
  2. I found I was concentrating more on maintaining and tweaking the CSS. Also somehow, using the Dokuwiki CSS almost class-for-class made the blog look more like a wiki than a blog.
  3. I looked around. My friends now maintain blogs. Somehow, my blog appeared apart from them. I want to be a part, not apart.

Of course, the first thing thing I did to the Blogger template was to hack it to my specs!

5 thoughts on “more on blogrolling and templates

  1. amey ashok kulkarni

    well, bhute it was nice to hear that u crave to be a “part” and not “apart”. I wish to assure u that we all love and need u as much as u want us.
    Just remember this- in the daily conduct of activities, people do not do things in opposition to someone or something. Its just either a coincidence or a perceived notion (which is a reflection of cynicism).

  2. Hrishi

    I for one quite loved ur simple interface. It was super slick.But then, things change, perceptions change. Change changes!As for blogrolling, I prefer the plain html, though yes, the convenience of the blogroll is very tempting. Had one earlier, removed it…

  3. rvbhute

    I did say it somewhere. I’ve the Dokuwiki template moth-bolled on my disk. So if you want it, I’ll mail it. Of course, there’s one condition – that the credit line for the original Dokuwiki guys should be maintained. And Amey, I understand your thoughts. Really. Truly. Trust me on this.

  4. rvbhute

    Forgot something, Hrishi.The major work was done by the Dokuwiki guys, I just inserted the Blogger tags. If I’m repeating it ad nauseum, its because I absolutely love Dokuwiki, even if I no longer use it.I love plain html too. But adding links to the template involves editing the template and publishing the blog. With an unreliable ISP, guess who do I prefer?

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