in a rush

Lots of things to do and hardly any time to do them… well lots of time actually, but hardly any inclination to do the needful.

Having five days to while away, saw me do just that. While away the time. I finalised the template. Hope to hold it for a few months now. As far as I can tell, it loads in 6 steps.

  1. The title block, the long post entries block and the profile block at the top of the sidebar. This loads from Blogger. And it has the operational stuff – the post entries – which is what a reader wants anyway.
  2. Next is My Blogroll, it loads from If the server is slow or dead, it will affect the loading of this block. Needless to say, the rest of the page will be held back till this is resolved. Also involved is the Blogroll me link, which loads from
  3. Next is the Recent Posts and Archives block which again comes from Blogger.
  4. Technorati – loads from The same rules as for apply here.
  5. Buttons – from Not much of a trouble since all have ALT texts in case of time-outs.
  6. Footer from Blogger.

As for my site template, I’m planning to use the skeleton of this blog template. Details like DIV tags and so on. The point is to make it look like a stripped down version of this template – similar in layout but without all the colour and graphics.


If you want to dredge anything from here, I recommend the Technorati Search box on the sidebar. Its better than the one provided on the Navbar above. I signed up with Technorati as a part of whiling away the five days. Also indexed my blog with Blogdex and Google. Just for the heck of it. But I still recommend Technorati. Because it has a better feel for my blog than Google.


Beta times ahead! Both Firefox (current stable – 1.0.6) and Thunderbird (current stable – 1.0) have their 1.5 betas out. While I’m not going to try them (courtesy of my washing-machine syndrome afflicted sister) , I’m waiting for the RC – Release Candidate – versions. And of course, the official 1.5 stable releases. (current stable – 1.1.4) has also put out their 2.0 beta. OOo finally has a database component – Base. Can’t wait to try its RC and stable release versions.


Pacenet is acting up again. Frighteningly frequent “unexpected disconnection” events. Erratic speeds, mostly on the slower side, make that very, very slow. So I’m having trouble downloading my mail, loading sites and in general, carrying out my planned net activities. This post is taking well over thirty minutes. And a disconnection… Damn good Pacenet, setting the Pace for the Internet Race. No wonder, people here still swear by dialup.

Well, it turns out to be delayed by 24 hours!