look before you shoot, quickly !

dead soldier
I found this animated GIF on a forum. Something to keep in mind when playing CS or Delta Force, eh?


This is the link where I made those StatCounter and Atom XML feed buttons. Forgot to put it up ealier. Pretty cool tool.


Wonder what made Blogger put out an add-in for Word, but not for Writer. Guess they are waiting for the OOo 2.0 release. Here are two reasons (from many) why they should prefer associating with OOo – here and here . Hope Blogger takes notice.

4 thoughts on “look before you shoot, quickly !

  1. Hrishi

    Technically, they should have released it for Writer from OOo, but here’s the deal… OOo isn’t used by a lot many people. Now, now. Don’t get started on Open Source and all…

    It’s market economics. Development for other platforms requires time, and so first only that which the majority will use is built. AFAIK, GMail used to initially work only with IE. Moreover, development for other stuff will happen only if the demand justifies it. It’s kind of a vicious cycle, I know, but then that’s how it is.

    BTW, I have that plug in installed, and I don’t quite like it. First of all, it times out a lot many times, and second of all, most of the stuff in Word is not accepted by Blogger. If you would be kind enough to head over here, you’ll realize the ugly square blocks in places where Word had a character that Blogger did not support. I hate this.

    GMail also has this irritating habit of blocking RARs. Even though they are better in compression technology, they are getting blocked, because not many people use it. ZIP on the contrary is much more popular. Market dynamics, again.

  2. rvbhute

    On the contrary, I very well remember downloading and installing FF in our DSP (4.4 MB on a 100Kbps line – joy!) lab just to get GMail working. It was one of the reasons I started liking FF for. Google is traditionally known to work in close co-ordination with open source projects – Mozilla being the name that I am most familiar with. And your “ugly blocks” problem is the reason why it should have attempted a plug-in for Writer – text encoding standards compliance – Unicode and XML and all that stuff which I don’t really understand, except for the knowledge that I can use more than one aplication (or API, if I’m a developer) to access the information stored using those standards. I’ve learnt to live with zipped attachments in GMail because no one offers POP like they do – no strings attached.

  3. Hrishi

    Um, not very true. Those ugly blocks are ellipses points, and they are very much in the character map of any normal Windows box. And yes, Blogger does not support them. So there.

  4. rvbhute

    Still, it is not standard encoding as per the application’s requirements – in this case, formatting and transmitting text to Blogger for publishing.

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