… uh… update?

guy : Are, shot nako lavus. Dani panchvees madhun tees anayche prayatna kartoy.
Dani : Bus! Ikade chalis anayche vaande hot aahet.


Well, the department un-decimated our ranks. Cleared 8-10 people who shouldn’t have been held up in the first place. I got spooked by my friends. They are telling me (and honestly, I’m believing them) I could’ve cleared my paper with grace marks. But hey, seen against the drop I was expecting, this is a Godsend. Another thing is, I’ve come to know through reliable sources that the faculty has been asked to get their skills enhanced. Period. Read that as “Learn the software installed on our machines before the kids kick you out”. Matlab and Tina. And Matlab first and foremost. That has translated into pressure on Thite – who is the “catch-him-for everything” guy for the faculty – for helping the people out. Putting the wagon before the horse? Maybe. Maybe not, in this case.


There is a park near my place. It has many paths meandering through wooded areas. Quite peaceful. I visit it since December last year. I would stroll along on any arbitrary path I chose for the day. It was quite enjoyable. Lately, I’ve been forced to avoid some paths. I would have loved to walk on them. But the woods through which they pass are infested with rabid dogs now. They don’t miss any person who walks along the path, even if the person ignores them. Or tries to. For they are upon him in an instant. Snapping. Snarling. Biting. Breaking skin. Drawing blood…

Its a pity. I would have enjoyed the walk.