Installed Skype today. Unfortunately, I don’t have any contacts to call. So if any of you have a Skype id, let me know. I have made a minor hack to the template to accomodate Skype’s availability. The profile box now looks like the rest of the sidebar. And it now has the call me link. You can talk to me through Skype by clicking on that link. If you don’t have Skype and are on win32, it will launch Windows Netmeeting.

Other than this, I’ve made minor changes so that the blog and my site look like the long-lost brothers found in Hindi cinema. The site is a real plain jane site. The only positive thing I can say is it loads like greased lightning. I’ve to move stuff from my previous host. If you got any ideas on what I might add to it, drop me a mail.


I’m getting this message frequently while publishing my blog. Usually in the mornings, local time.

001 EOF while reading from control connection

Whats up, Blogger?