moving around (a lot)

Went to the IIT campus today. The third time in my life. Yes, I’m one of those people who worship temples of technology. To visit our guide, we have to walk past their Machines lab. Each time I see it (well, I’ve seen it just twice by now), I mentally shake my head and say, “Wonder how Mumbai University allowed SPCE to run a course in Electrical Engineering”. Guess it has something to do with the Rs. 1.5 lakh backlog that students have to pay, according to a recommendation by some arbitration committee for fixing the fees. Thats in murky waters that I’m not venturing into.

Each of the times that I’ve been to IIT, I went by a different route.

  • 396 – Andheri, Sakinaka, Powai
  • 460 – Malad, Aarey, Powai
  • 496 – Andheri, Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Lin Road, Marol, Powai
  • 398 – Powai, Sakinaka, Marol, Aarey, Kandivali

Seen a lot of corporate offices and factories (factories? inside a megalopolis like Mumbai?). Different arms of L&T, SEEPZ (not exactly a company), Reliance Energy Management Institute and a host of other companies. For all intents and purposes, I became a tourist in a city I lived in since birth.

The same is repeated inside the IIT campus. Here, it is sort of deserved though. We wander around wide-eyed till its time to meet the guide.

All this commuting is getting me down, no thanks becuase of our roads. Why can’t we tele-conference? Its IIT, for Budhha’s sake!


Our BE project is finally crystallizing. Though I haven’t grasped enough of it as is necessary, we are going to develop a library of numerical techniques to analyse the stability of power systems, sort of stuff to analyse the major blackout that occured yesterday.

The professor was using Red Hat with Opera. Cool. Also saw a Mandrake Linux install. The lab was networked; with a networked printer. They had an entire lab for CAPS! We use the common lab. Of course, the scale of operations is different, so I’m not really complaining. But our computer networks could learn a lot from the IIT systems.


GMail is quite finicky about attachments. It rejected a zip file containing GIF images, flashing a warning about an execuatable in the zip file! Easily accepted the plain GIF files. The recipients would be mighty inconvenienced. I’ve yet to figure out GMail’s attachments filtering rule. So if you send me a mail with some attachments and it bounces, remail it to rvbhute[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in.

6 thoughts on “moving around (a lot)


    bhute dude,
    i respect ur mastery over the language…
    but still..i somehow do find a hint of arrogance and superiority complex in ur usage of language…
    and one more thing..i dint like the phrase..for budhdha’s sake…
    why dude..hav u accepted budhdha dhamm(thts wat they call it)…
    if not..then well …god(not budhdha)shall help ya!

  2. rvbhute

    Dear theprophet, I’ll be very specific.

    I believe you were trying to talk to me sometime between 7 and 7:30 PM on YIM. Unfortunately, I was away watching television (Dante’s Peak on HBO, if you want the details). I got disconnected around 7:30 PM when my machine went into standby. You have vented your frustation/anger about this percieved snub on my blog in an extremely irrelevant comment.

    “i respect ur”
    – Thank you. Its rare to find you respecting something or someone. Retrospectively, I find it suspicious. You seem to have used it as a launch pad for your diatribe.

    “i somehow do find a hint of arrogance and superiority complex”
    – Beg your pardon, Sir. But I’m the underdog of the batch. I got subjects to clear, aggregates to improve and I need a job. I classify myself as an under-achiever. My profile says as much.

    “usage of language”
    – Its a matter of perception. I write about stuff as good as I think about it, even if I can’t speak about it half as effectively. If thats arrogant and full of complexes, I’m sorry to say, you are biased. I can put up links to your written matter that would merit the same opinion about you.

    The written word is one thing I’m good at. Allow me atleast that liberty.

    “the phrase..for budhdha’s sake”
    – Lets say its a personal quirk. Or a peculiarity of my “usage of language”. But damn sure, its not your business to poke around it.

    You do have this tendency in common with Amey. You think what the others should think and then project that onto the subjects. And when the plan goes askew, you rant about the arrogance and complexes of the subjects.

    Please (I’m saying please), let us think for ourselves. Let us make decisions for ourselves. I hope you would let this issue slide here itslf and make no more (irrelevant or otherwise) comments on it.


    Beg your pardon, Sir. But I’m the underdog of the batch. I got subjects to clear, aggregates to improve and I need a job. I classify myself as an under-achiever. My profile says as much. well dude…the profile has nothin to say abt it…cozz the mastery over language is the word used..and u well know abt it..for everythin mom says dont put a stone in mud..u know wats next part…..!!!!!!!1

  4. rvbhute

    Escalating the conflict? The charge of irrelevance still stands. As for the stone in the mud idea, I’ve not indulged in mud-slinging on this blog or anywhere on other blogs. If you think I have, bring it to my notice and I will take measures to rectify it as I see fit.The profile is (again!) a matter of personal opinion. It contains what I want to tell others about me. I don’t think I want to list out my failures.I do hope you would let matters rest now.

  5. Varun Rajkumar

    Welll.. All the site seeing you do.. I have been doing it right from when I was born while flying between Andheri and Mulund… And please.. dont call it site seeing .. Whenever I thnk of Improving living conditions and setting the High standards…(Ya I get inspired by IIT as well!!)… I see the roads, the road side houses and come back to earth….. And for one.. It’s not a sight to see really…U r better off not seeing it…

  6. rvbhute

    Umm yes. We were horrified by the slums as well. But hey, c’mon man. Seeing L&T, SEEPZ and so on, thats not bad. Its the disparity between the two that is distressing. And well, I’ven’t travelled that much, you see, even in the city. So, well, it was all new to me.

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