the connectivity bug

nokia 2600
I got a Nokia 2600, thanks to my father. Classic Nokia design and a great phone for a first time user. What it lacks (seriously lacks) is connectivity. No WAP. No GPRS. No IrDA, USB or Bluetooth. This is one phone thats in a world of its own. But look at the bright side of things. I won’t spend my time changing wallpapers, logos and tunes. This phone is meant for talking and thats what I’m going to use it for… a pity really. I’m now tracking all the connectivity-enabled phones in the market. I wonder whether I can swap it for a 3100 or 3120 anytime soon? Maybe. Maybe not. You never know.


The OOAD project is giving me a lot of trouble. I’m seeing the worst of human nature here. Oh well, its not like I’m some perfect individual. Far from it. But the actions of certain individuals defy comprehension. Everytime I say, “No, he won’t do that“, that is exactly what happens. Each time, its like some acid chipping away at a rock. I’m respecting the guy less and less.


Last Friday’s post has come in for a lot of derision and scorn. Now what can I say? Hold it against me that I’ve not travelled around in the city as much as you guys. That some (or maybe, a lot of) places in the city are still unknown to me. That I’m naive or rustic when it comes to knowing this city’s landmarks and locations and routes.

So what? Kill me?


Is it just me or is Blogger not accepting images today?

update: Uploaded the picture, standard mug shot.