I got a job!

I’ve been selected by Direm Marketing Services. Thats die-ray-m, more concise details on this page. What does it do? Think BPCL. Think Petrobonus. Direm executed it. And whats my job? Making the software that runs in the background for such projects. Databases, data warehousing, cleanup and analysis. Thats the scene, simplified, for me. Main tools – Perl, Oracle, MySQL.

While its tempting to roll out a list of people to thank for their help and encouragement, its a potential minefield. You never know who might feel hurt for being left out…

You know who you all are.

Thank you.


The recent nation-wide bandh had an interesting side-story. Bengal CM Buddhadeb got a taste of his own medicine when striking party workers blocked his convoy. He got down (from his Amby probably) and admonished the workers – “Walk in a single line. I know you are striking, but that doesn’t allow you to block roads and stop those who want to work”. Or some words to that effect. Wish all the party-bosses would say the same to all those fools striking and affecting bandhs through out the country. It seems he was more angry because his wife (who’s in the IT sector) got stopped too. Only after her identity was revealed, was she allowed to go on. A lot of IT companies reported disruption. This ticked off the CM, it seems. Any ideas why the Bengal Government is so interested in IT (deputations have visited Singapore for consultations about an IT park in Bengal) when the party hacks say IT and BPO services are useless?


For the convenience of renewals in time all the subscriber account whose expiry date lies between 4th to10th of month is set to 4th. Please contact your Local cable operator or Sonali Cable for renewals in time.

This has been popping up on the screen for sometime now, interfering in my activities. Guess the 6 days of the pack are forgotten for convenience. And what about renewals? Why aren’t they renewed in time for everyone, instead of waiting for the lazy LCO to do it in his own sweet time?


10 thoughts on “I got a job!

  1. Anonymous

    BRAVO!!! Only one thing i want say on this ocasion ” YOU DESERVED THAT AND U ACHIEVED IT” in first attempt,well done!!

  2. rvbhute

    As a matter of fact, yes, I have a good idea of what I’m supposed to do. Take the example I was given – BPCL Petrobonus scheme. BPCL came to Direm with a project for a customer loyalty program. Direm conceptualised, fine-tuned and presented the Petrobonus scheme. And now, it manages the scheme. By “manages”, I mean looks after it in entirety. Signing up new participants, maintaining their records, day-to-day stuff like transfer of transactions across the country for this particular scheme and so on. While the participant thinks he is talking with BPCL, he is infact talking with Direm. Now all this “data” stuff invlves databases. Also, Direm is one of the few startups offering web-based services. Thats where Perl comes in. Also at the point-of-service, custom software has to be built and deployed to effectively talk with Direm databases.Thats all I know right now, 😉

  3. Hrishikesh

    Well, that’s nice. At least it’s not like TCS and Infy (sorry for all those placed there), where all you get to do is code, without ever getting to manage the *entire* thingy.Running the whole show is so much more phun!

  4. Haridas Dave

    Ok, Bhute as you have undoubtedly proved, you are the class underdog. You are the undisputed king of Software in our class and it is good that you came for First Sitting,and got First Placed. Way to go. Only one thing, show some respect to their programmers for a change.

  5. Varun Rajkumar

    Firstly, congratulations to Bhute…U deserved that….NOw for all those holes commenting on TCS and INfy, Let me tell u one thing…Life at any software company depends upon the projects that u get.If the projects u get are good… Life is Beautiful…If not then Whether u are at ATOS….Tcs or INfy …It doesnt matter really…This was supposed to be a Bhute placement party.. but unfortunately thite spoiled it by saying irrelevant things.Whtever the companies do.. It’s very important that people recognise the achievements of others.I might not be as smart as you. Not just a bit as intelligent as you.But certainly a notch above you as long as attitude is concerned.No offence please.. U and me are not the Ceo’s of TCS and Atos …

  6. Hrishikesh

    If you would bother to check your hit stats at this moment, you’ll be very happy to notice that you have daily hits from me, and a lot of other people too.In fact, there are a lot of referrals from your blog, the primary reason: your list of Blogrolling.And that too, not because it is a list, because it aggregates which ones are updated. Maybe, I’ll change to one of those too!

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