DOS printing through USB port

Its submission time. If you have been tracking this blog since its first post, you know what that means – no posts till exams are over. Sucks. But hey, I have to do it just one more time and then its over for ever.


I configured my USB printer to print from DOS. Details here. It requires Windows 2000/XP. The short version is – share your printer and map the network share to LPT1. If you don’t have a LAN connection (even a cable modem connected to a NIC will do), use Microsoft Loopback Adapter, as shown here. Once done, you are ready to fire print requests from DOS. I tested listing a DIR output and a file from Turbo C++ IDEv3. It is slow. I read somewhere else that win32 was putting in a delay of 15 seconds for network printers (remember, DOS sees a “network” printer) – something to do with print spooling. It can be removed with a registry hack, but thats OK. Also, right now I have no way to change the default fonts and layout. The font is fine but the layout is almost touching the paper’s edges.

Here’s how the plan went on my PC. “System error 66” resulted becuase I hadn’t shared my printer yet. The commands are preceeded by the prompt.

C:>net view makubex00
There are no entries in the list.

C:>net use lpt1 makubex00hp3325
System error 66 has occurred.

The network resource type is not correct.

C:>net use lpt1 makubex00hp3325
The command completed successfully.

C:>net view makubex00
Shared resources at makubex00

Share name Type Used as Comment

hp3325 Print LPT1 hp deskjet 3320 series
The command completed successfully.

C:>dir > lpt1



I’m going to install Ubuntu 5.10 after the exams. Took me about 4 days to download on Torrent. This time, I kept my client running and got a share ratio of 52%. I had set an 80% or 300 minutes – whichever is earlier – limit. For the record, the share ratio by the time the download finished was 10%. Anyone wanting Ubuntu 5.10 for x86 and willing to wait till December 25, feel free to contact me for details – after December 25.

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  1. Hrishikesh


    And why were you downloading the Torrent? HTTP is usually wayyy too faster. Maybe you wanted to help people and share some of the bandwidth cost?

    Best of luck, anyway.

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