a telling tone

By nature, I’m a timid person. I get anxious easily. A bit more pressure and I am scared. A bit more and I’m terrorised. As a corollary, I find others stepping on my toes very easily. In particular, I hate the patronising tone used. As if. See this post and this one. The comments, to be specific. How many of us like to be told to do something. How many of us like it when we are asked, rather firmly, to think in a specific manner? The clincher comes when we are asked not to think or do something. If you can’t detect the perp, here’s one more link, again, in the comments. The person is not to blame. He is confident of himself. Thats always a good thing. But when that confidence seeps into his language and degrades others? When the tone of his language takes the air of superiority? When that person is able to threaten others’ confidence with mere words? When the only thing the person seems to do is negate each and every thought that you state?

2 thoughts on “a telling tone


    all these people with whom i wander around seem to be camouflaged and not only to outer world..they even get their own false image in their minds..
    i can understand nobody can accept his or her own faults or bad points..but nevertheless speak truth to urselves atleast if u dun hav the courage to admit it to the world..

    and about the tone, my friend..i dun know how but i do hav a tendancy of getting heated when in an arguement..and well to tell u..i am extremely sure about whatever i speak, think or do..there is no regret in my action or sentences…they may be right or wrong to anybody…this extreme sureness about onself reflects into the tone sometimes..so forgive me for that…

    and as for cupid’s comments in last post..i dont expect anthing else from him..

  2. rvbhute

    Eh? You think I’m faking timidity? Coming from you, thats a confidence boost.And hey, there is nothing to forgive about. The Bhise you now are is the Bhise we love (and love to hate too!).And please lay this cupid business to rest, everybody, will ya? He’s got his own blog for God’s sakes!!

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