on the rape incident

Forgive the callous title. I’ve deliberately kept myself away from the newspaper and news channels for the past fortnight. So, it came as a surprise when I saw quite a lot of my friends getting worked up over this.

With all the sensitivity due in this situation, I feel that the blogs have been reduced to social welfare platforms, the likes of which are often caricatured in sitcoms.

Outrage expressed in the natural flow of things is outrage. Outrage expressed in such a collected and deliberate manner that it screams, “Look, I’m outraged!!”; can hardly salve our conscience. Nothing more than common sense (if that, at all) is needed to realise that we all condemn such an act. Somehow, the word crime and criminal are not sufficient. The contempt that is felt cannot be expressed well enough through such terms. Yes, all the male population does fantasise about getting laid some time or the other, but when it comes to violating the dignity, the respect of a lady , we all think and react the same way – its not something we condone. The perp is, somehow, less than a man.

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    think about this my friend..
    u r a classmate of mine..u belong to a middleclass family.. and i am a son of a minister..
    we both like the same girl..we both propose her at different times..and she refuses both of us..
    what wud u do..u will go home..cry..and then u will feel u shd teach her a lesson..but u know u cant do nething..so u will frown at any visible thing..maybe stress management on family members or friends..thats it….but i will go and plan something so that i can punish her badly..and i do a rape..
    my father gets me out of that…
    whats the difference between me and u…actually nothin..u also thought abt teaching her a lesson ..but i taught..maybe a wrong way…
    but thats wat is the difference..i have the power so i can convert my desires to reality..and u dun have so ur desires remain desire…does that make u good and me bad…
    no..we are all same..but u r hidden coz of ur fear thats all..
    so dont say we all condemn it..we are not related to the issue thats it..so we concludewat a cruel man…but many a times girl may be at fault..although rape is not the way to take revenge…but still..dun generalise statement that we all condemn..maybe one day some girl may do something against u and in a state of rage u may think of raping her..but u cant do that coz u know the consequences..thats all..that doesnt mean u r a yogi and a good guy who respects women…

    e.g. our very own cupid..self proclaimed respector of women..when the girl denied him…and we teased him..what did he say..go and fuck her..is this respect…
    i am not saying its anyway wrong on his side..but dun generalise ..we all are same..some of us fear the laws and consequences and some of us dont..those who fear are called white collar people and those who dont are called criminals…

  2. rvbhute

    In the scenario you have outlined, you think I would respect a classmate who has violated a person I once cared about? Would you?You can say that the minister’s son will escape the consequences of his action. In the scheme of things, payback is guaranteed. The agent and method is all that varies. Even the minister’s henchmen will look upon him as one who has raped a woman. Everyone has a mother, if not a daughter, wife or sister. All consequences are not tangible like 17 years RI or a death sentence. How the person is perceived among his peers and society is consequence enough.Fear of consequences is a factor that takes the issue off on a dramatic tangent. Behind fear, exists loathing. In a paradoxically symbiotic relationship, loathing gives rise to fear, which fuels more loathing.As for Cupid, words are often uttered without their true meanings being intended. I’ve not yet been in a situation where I would truly wish a woman to get raped (by me or anyone else). Heaven forbid if that occurs, know that I’ll accept the fact that I would have fallen to something less than a human. I believe the same is the case with Cupid.The phrase ‘fuck off’ is colloquial. More of a slang term, in fact. 99 out of 100 times, its intended to show that the person is pissed off. Hardly reason enough to imply rape.

  3. Varun Rajkumar

    I don’t want to respond to such disparaging comments by the Prophet.The above statements made are certainly those made by a “pervert”, which I am sure am not.I think they are really irrelevant issues; we should probably emphasise on awareness among adolescent students…so that women are treated with more dignity and respect.As for Fuck off, I am sure I have told that many times to u… does it mean I want to rape you????Just would like to touch what Bhute has written, thats all.

  4. Hrishikesh

    Sheesh! I think I came along here a lot later… But anyway.Saying fuck off does not make you a pervert. Neither does actually fucking someone.More over, a rape does not make you a pervert either. It makes you a criminal.You can be a pervert and yet live a very normal life, on the good side of the law.Pervertness and criminal mind-sets do not have all that much in common. It is not the same.

  5. rvbhute

    Thats a new take. Perversion will take the topic off on another tangent. But you are right, a pervert is not a rapist. He’s basically, an idiot.

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