ready for action

I hardly remember the moment or day when I suggested WP to Dave. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I’m using it myself!

The last time I tried WP was almost exactly an year ago. New to hosting (raw hosting – FTP, PHP, MySQL; all I had used before was Tripod and Geocities), I could only gape in wonder at what was going on. This time, I came to the ring better prepared. The transition was painless, if not efficient.

Moved Blogger posts here. Automated mostly. The last time I did it was by hand, for Blosxom. Comments had to be ‘touched’ to get counted. But the posts themselves are out of bounds – if I edit them now, the template breaks. Something to do with the category. Moving the blogroll was easy. Also pinged Technorati. WP allows the user to select the ping service they want – I’ve set it to Technorati.

Varun and Hrishikesh tested the WP engine in the last couple of days when I had uploaded it for testing stuff like loading speed, comments, categories and to register it with Technorati. Others have talked about the template – look and all. Thanks guys!

The link for this blog is Please update your links, if any!