Oracle 10g XE

The heat’s getting to Oracle. And to stay in the kitchen, they released a lite version of the 10g, called the Oracle 10g Express Edition. MySQL has some serious competition coming its way. The system requirements are quite lean, almost any PC can be used.

My (prospective) job includes Oracle in its skill-set. I see no harm in getting familiar with it, given this oppurtunity. However, getting your hands on Oracle is one hell of a job if you don’t have a good net connection, or a friend with a good net connection. Here’s how the cookie crumbles (yes, you need to have cookies enabled).

  1. It checks whether you are a citizen of any blacklisted nation (North Korea, Libya, et al), or whether you will provide your copy of Oracle 10g XE to any citizen of the aforementioned nations.
  2. Sign in to Oracle Technology Network. No membership? Sign up, dude! Its free!
  3. Start the download.

Very easy? I forgot to mention this – download managers are a strict no-no. The download will simply fail. That means you will have to rely on your browser to download the file securely. Oracle doesn’t provide a checksum, so the only way to verify the file is to launch it.

I had fun. Six attempts at home; including two overnight ones that left my sister fuming (the PC is in the room where she bunks when at home and at night, in the dead calm, the two cooling fans are damn loud) and one attempt at using the college broadband; that drove Varun crazy (he did all the work; I was busy praying that the attempt would succeed) failed. You see, Pacenet had to have an unexpected disconnection before downloading the 150 MB file, with the result that the browser would summarily “complete” the download. As for the college attempt – the file got corrupted somewhere in the convoluted process – we (as in Varun doing the work and me praying) downloaded the file to a PC, then uploaded it to a local FTP server and finally downloaded it to a PC with a writer. The seventh attempt, at home, went like clockwork.

The download completed, I ran into a new roadblock. My RAM was below the specs. A trip to the hardware shop, a bit of juggling the modules on the mainboard and the machine was set.

Will probably hang around a bit to get the proper tutorials and then start with Oracle 10g XE.

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  1. varun

    Well, tht incident told us how good and underused our college writers are…

    Probably dopatkar would do something else .. other than hunting for Anna Kournikova Pics( I saw tht folder!!!)

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