युनीकॊडची चाचणी

आपला ब्राउझर युनीकोड वाचू शकतॊ.

Damn tough. Most of the time, I was worried I missed some Unicode entity. WP supports Unicode. If you can read the text above, your browser does too.

5 thoughts on “युनीकॊडची चाचणी

  1. Hrishikesh

    Well, without Unicode, things were seriously fucked up. And I mean it.

    I have been using Devnagari since 1997.(Actually, dad has been using it.) It was some APS software that enable it in the Windows-9x era, and then the floppy in which that came got corruped. Thankfully, I had sense to back up the fonts, and his files were readable later on as well.

    Then we got a copy of the iLISP (or whatever it was called.) And then CDONTS as well. All very substandard products, with no vision of cross compatibility or universal appeal. Of course, the saving grace were phonetic fonts, and then there were some free fonts as well, like Millenium Varun, Sadhu and Susha. But neither was compatible with one another.

    Of course, unicode has been around since the NT4.0 kernel on the Windows front (I’d say something similar on the linux front as well). And yet, it is painful to see all those Marathi newspaper sites using their own stupid versions.

    With XP it is wayyy more simpler, all you need to do is install the language bar, with the Asian language support (13 MB extra), and you get Mangal, with a choice of two keyboards. And they work like a charm.

    And because it is inbuilt into the OS, you can use them to even name files, do your fun stuff, and just about everything where Unicode works. It’s just great now!

    Except I still don’t know how to go about converting all the earlier stuff to Mangal. Well, I could write a routine, but then again, I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

  2. Hrishikesh

    I should really start proof reading my comments. I have spotted at least three grammatical mistakes in the above post. How do I go about editing them, Mr. Rohit Bhute?

  3. rvbhute

    You left out one other thing – your readers need to install those fonts too. Unicode is an encoding, not a font – all you have to do is change how your browser sees the page. I did this trial becuase I want the Disha 2006 website’s Marathi and Hindi sections to UTF-8, not some fonts-based. Last time around, I had to download and install the fonts. Those were for win32. What about Mac and Linux? Using fonts on a http server involves overheads too.

    Whats with the sudden spurt in proof-checking? Or lack of it? A mistake here or there is fine, by all means. The user rights in WP are skewed. The lowest level user can’t edit his own comments. He can just comment (its a glorified anti-spam measure) and the next level user can edit everybody’s comments – I can’t have that happening. I ‘ll try and get a plugin for previewing comments. Hopefully, that should help you people.

  4. anay

    well i dunno anything bout his site..but looks all nice..and rohit has spend a lot of his time on this..keep it up rohit

  5. rvbhute

    All right, that was the test-run. Thite, you get the preview feature. Plus, there’s captcha in place now! As long as your comment passes the anti-spam filters, it will appear immediately.

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