getting grabcode to work…

…was one of the most interesting experiences ever.

Grabcode is a WP plugin available from xmouse. The author, David House, developed it as a stand-alone PHP function and then wrapped it in a plugin. Unfortunately for me, the plugin-related activity on his blog died down around August 2004; with no active link to download the plugin. Finding no other resource on the net, I emailed Mr. House, asking him to mail me the plugin.

I wasn’t expecting a reply. I have sent an e-mail directly to a developer just once before. It is still unanswered. The developer of grabcode, however, replied within the half-hour, with the plugin attached, and with a warning about possible incompatibility with WP 2.0. The plugin works, as the previous post shows. I informed Mr. House about this and then asked him a question about improving the CSS. While relevant to the plugin’s display, it was something he could have justifiably ignored. This time the reply came in a quarter hour.

There was no reason for Mr. House to reply to a complete stranger’s e-mail. Further, there was no reason to answer his unrelated query. But Mr. House did both. With a conciseness that solved my problems without wasting time.

Its developers like him that make code come alive.