DTC, improved

The last one and a half days were spent in improving the DTC. As expected, the sons of the soil who rave and rant about “people doing nothing for their nation” and “subversion of our language and culture” were barely involved. More the pity…

Bala suggested two tweaks – form buttons and live preview.

The buttons are a good step ahead. I was able to dispose off the awkward tabs I had inserted to space out some characters. And do they look cool!

Firefox running on GNOME in Ubuntu (92 KB)

Opera (with Standard Skin, not default win32 skin) running on win32. (52 KB)

Live preview eliminates the need to click a button to see the results. The stuff appears as you click on the character buttons. You can also edit the code directly from now on. This live preview idea uses innerHTML. Don’t ask me what that is – I can only say it takes a string of HTML as it is and is useful for DHTML. The code snippet Bala presented threw up problems on all systems except IE and FF on win32. So I had a look around and updated the code with a more elaborate version of live preview. Also, as the footer says, this version of DTC has been tested on a lot of browsers. Still, if bugs crop up, let me know.

8 thoughts on “DTC, improved

  1. vidyadhar

    well dude,
    i sincerely admired ur efforts. but i do hav a problem with ur constant claim that the people who rant and rave are good for nothing. well i would just want to clarify that i proudly say that i am a son of soil and i really feel people dun do anything for their nation. but dude, why do u waste ur sincere efforts by quoting some illogical statements like this.
    i suppose some marathi softwares of capacity 1000 times more than urs have been prepared by sons of soils. only diff is that they dun quote sentences like u. and yes u will say they are paid, so wat if a software is of that capacity(100 times) it must hav required that many resources wats bad in taking that back.
    neways, keep on ur efforts, and yeah i suppose u r also a son of soil.

  2. rvbhute

    Show me the code.

    The difference is those “sons of the soil” don’t fill others’ ears with jingoistic rhetoric while some “sons of the soil” I know very well, do so and do only that.

    Talking of resources, I snapped my fingers and the code appeared. Thats why I’m tom-tomming the damn thing around.

    I ‘ve not done this for you or anyone else. I ‘ve not done this to put it up as Bhute’s application. I did it to spare my colleagues in the Disha website team from a little (not much, just a little) headache. If, along the way, I find it is genuinely useful for others, why the heck should I not say so?

    Thanks for anointing me as a “son of the soil”. I appreciate it.

  3. Hrishikesh

    I’m ignoring all of the banter, and cutting straight to the techinical stuff:

    It’s a job well done, and I congratulate you for that… And the appreciation is for the use of Unicode and not some stupid font like many of the other commerical web-sites do.

  4. vidyadhar

    well really speaking,
    i am none to appoint you.. and i am strictly against people like you always trying to taunt people who love their country or mothertongue passionately, and loving mothertongue passionately doesnt mean, to write fonts or design software for that, and not even loving country passionately means to design softwares in native language, every person has his own area to contribute, and as far as i know for designing this thing u havent asked for help from neone and only ‘sons of soils’ u knew were me and bhim, none of whom may contribute to this cause, and even if u may have asked 100 of sons of soils, if they arent good at coding they couldnt have helped ye, so saying
    “As expected, the sons of the soil who rave and rant about ‘people doing nothing for their nation’ and ‘subversion of our language and culture’ were barely involved.”
    is a totally irrelevant statement,
    i wouldnt have written so much if u wudnt hav written such a reply,
    and yes…i know its a fashion nowadays of taunting conservative people, i dint know u have also fallen for it…
    thank u for letting me know.

  5. rvbhute

    I taunt? And you were the one qualifying me for the “son of the soil” badge.

    Permit me to be honest. I hope you respect me enough to let me have the last word on my blog.

    I specifically expressed my disappointment (expected, but its human to hope) with the lack of response of some people. That much should have been clear if you know me and my language. I don’t make a habit of “taunting”, as you have put it. Silence means many things. If I don’t speak out in support of certain things, don’t color me as against them either. If you think I’ve generalized, you need to catch the nuances in my language better.

    For some reason, I expected you and Bhim to put the code through the wringer and flood me with bugs. Why you? Honestly, I thought of all the fifteen-twenty people who would hear about this, you would be the ones most excited and willing to use it.

    I guess I was wrong.

    Thite is right. Banter gets this nowhere. I don’t expect you to match me thought for thought. However, just because you are combative by nature and enjoy good fights/arguments doesn’t mean you have fight me tooth and nail over each and every thought and tendency of mine. I ‘m not combative. I don’t enjoy fights. I don’t need to toughen up. Permit me my thoughts and opinions, even if you don’t respect them. I know you simply cannot resist trashing whatever I say; please do it elsewhere.

  6. vidyadhar

    well sir,
    i am utterly sorry for whatever i wrote, because i really got upset when u mentioned about nation and mothertongue stuff, it was really unwanted but still as u say blog is ur space and u hav every right to express watever u want…but plz dude many people read this blog and as the number of people go on increasing ur responsibility also. neways..this is end of matter for me and i suppose u have ended it long ago. it is ok that u thought i wud be of help(in fact u hav honoured me) but yaar, i really dun hav time to test each and every tab that u have made and check it for bugs, i have lot more things to do. and neways i have already said that i am really happy that u hav done such a good job, so i dun need to write nething more.

  7. Varun

    bhise… Please stop being chauvinistic…

    Sorry Bhute, but Guess I couldn’t resist the temptation of using the word!!!!

    Am I right the word Bhute???

    I couldn’t really appreciate wht you have done… but great job and great help done for the magazine.

  8. rvbhute

    I’ve filed this post under Software, Tech. Comments in that regard are always welcome.

    Its not like you to sprinkle exclamation and question marks so liberally, Varun… The previous comment has an IP traced to RIPE NCC – thats Europe and Central West Asia. Wonder whats going on. Varun, it looks like you have been had by somebody.

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