sitecopy – FTP on steroids

I’ve moved my site (again – I’m worse than a migratory bird) from bizhat to freelinuxhost. While it wiped out the gains of validating the pages (the ads mess up the page, damn sloppy ad-coders), the move has consolidated all my activities under one URL – Might help me later, if I decide to move the whole show again 😉 . sitecopy proved real useful in the move. The tiny application showed a lot of muscle.

I had included the WP folder (the /wordpress that you see in the URL) within sitecopy’s purview – this ensured that I was able to sync changes to WP files as easily as for the rest of the site. To complete the move, I was required to upload the files afresh to the server. This had me worried. Uploading WP using Filezilla had proved to be royal pain in the rear. 2.9 MB worth, no less. It was with a lot of misgivings that I fired up sitecopy.

No pain. It went about creating directories first and uploading files one by one patiently. Even the time required… was approximately half (or even less) of what Filezilla took. Absolutely superb. This was one part of sitecopy I hadn’t seen yet. Go figure.

2 thoughts on “sitecopy – FTP on steroids

  1. rvbhute

    You must have tried FTP uploads. Uploading one file involves setting the mode (ascii or binary), checking if the file already exists, uploading the file, setting its permissions (default to server writable – rwxr–r–) and fetching a new directory list. Try that for 483 files in 55 folders… Even in a queue, the same steps are followed meticulously for each file/folder. Factor in delays that cause time-outs plus server lags that don’t log you out in time, leading to “only one such user can be allowed” errors plus of course, the “maximum number of users reached ” error.

    FTP is good. My net connection is good. Filezilla is good. Sitecopy is just better. It has a simple agenda – syncing two folders; which it does in the simplest possible way. No overhead, no flab.

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