settling down

No, not that sort of settling down. I’m talking about blogging. As more of my friends come online (Akshat’s the one to get a blog), I look at their blogs. I take them apart and try to find out what the thing is that makes a blog a good blog.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that my thoughts were not at all random. The categories, themselves, weakened the notion of me recording any thoughts randomly. Blame Blogger – it simplifies blogging to the extent that you don’t have to think coherently before you blog. WP makes me think; if only to decide where to slot the post. And I’ve found I prefer thinking before blogging.

Coming back to the issue, Random Thoughts has been discarded as not being a relevant title to my blog. The random part has been moved to a category name, which seems more befitting.

Previously, a week long hiatus (I’ll talk about it later) would have driven me off blogging for a month. Curiously, its not happened this time around. Maybe I’m doing things differently this time; don’t know which or how.

2 thoughts on “settling down

  1. rvbhute

    Sometimes, categories are a pain. You want to post whatever you have written and who cares whether it comes in category A or category B; you just want to post it and move ahead to doing something productive, like commenting on what others have written about categories…

    But most of the times, I find them a convenience.

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