GIMPing away

Just when I was about to stabilize the template, I decided to go the whole way. I scrapped the header image completely. Downloaded a Laughing Man logo. The only problem was its resolution – 300 pixels height.

First, I extracted all the frames in the GIF file using IrfanView. Those were in BMP format, so converted them to GIF, using IV. Surprisingly, there’s no batch resizing facility. So after batch conversion, spent some time resizing 36 images. Then it was over to GIMP. Simply added 35 images to 35 layers, optimized the differences in the layers and exported the optimized image as animated GIF. Job done. Well, almost.

The image in the header is 118 KB. Shouldn’t hold up the reader though. I don’t know how, but the image is the last to load, so effectively, you can start reading/commenting immediately. Unless you empty your cache, the loading will be a snap on your next visit.

I revamped the navbar and header. The blog title and tagline move into the header. The search moves back into the navbar along with a navmenu of sorts.

This is the third time I used GIMP today. First time was to make animated GIFs of a single line diagram (to show flashing CBs for a tripped line). THe second time was to exchange the motifs on the default header image. And this is the third time – to resize an animated GIF. Except for the GTK look and feel, I found that I had made no mistake in recommending GIMP to whosoever asked me about Photoshop.

Why the problem with GTK? Because for a win32 user, it might seem a bit old-fashioned and clumsy. It is lightning fast though.

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  1. rvbhute

    My mistake – IV has a batch resizng option – in the conversion tab itself; should have looked around.

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