new theme – equiX and a new plugin

Decided to overhaul the blog template after changing the blog name and description. Downloaded seven templates from Alex King’s Theme Browser; selected the one you are seeing now – equiX. Certainly gives a spacious feel to the page.

The first thing to do, of course, was to systematically hack into the template. I removed the cursors specified in the style.css file. Then edited the sidebar, search form, header, footer and index.php. I pushed the search form into the header image. For that, I simply exchanged the two motifs – GIMP came in handy here – and made space for the search form. Also moved the description from the homelink’s title to outside the link. I decided to exploit WP’s get_calendar() function. equiX didn’t have the necessary CSS classes. So added them by looking into the calendar outputs of other WP blogs 😀 . Oh, and I had to fix the smileys too – they had an overdose of Red Bull 😉

As a parting touch, I added Owen Wrinkler’s Countdown plugin. Currently it holds the 2006 F1 calendar. Will add more stuff to as time goes by.

2 thoughts on “new theme – equiX and a new plugin

  1. Varun

    This template does look indeed spacious…. But I didnot like the Blog title at the top…

  2. rvbhute

    Didn’t like exactly what? The name of my blog or what? Or maybe you were put off by its loading time?

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