Dave’s survey

Dave asked me to setup a survey for him – to be precise, I told him that with the sort of survey he wanted, a custom-built one was the best option. So I set about creating one for him – my first true PHP/MySQL application. With no help from anyone except the manual and the Net. Bhise did the text field and form part – guess I was too lazy to do that; but then I did the scripting and the radio buttons, so there you are. Besides, I wanted to do the stuff all by myself.

There were many differences and much grumbling. I experienced first hand what I heard in OOAD and Project Management.

Client’s demands are exceeding the scope. Client is not comprehending the software capabilities. Client’s vision of the project is flawed.

And much more stuff in a similar vein. All that for a simple survey script. No wonder the success rate for software projects is around 20% (thats what I remember from the OOAD course – no research done; so no flames on that please).

Anyway, its done and online. Dave will let you all know in due course where you should head to participate in the survey. I’ll put up the sanitized code (can’t let you have my database details now, can I?) in a few days.

2 thoughts on “Dave’s survey

  1. Haridas Dave

    I dun know whether u have read it not, but IEEE spectrum had done a cover story on that issue, i.e., Why does software fail? Very very interesting read, and kinda makes one a pessimistic for spending such a horrendous amount of money on something which has the most probability of failing. i suggest u read that issue.

  2. rvbhute

    I believe they ask me my money for reading that – so no go there. And let me clarify – software projects fail, not the software itself; what it means is the software never gets created in the first place! The 20% that does get created, runs spectacularly well.

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