batsman or bowler?

Its a dilemma. Quite like the one in Iqbal. Girish Karnad’s character in the movie, Guruji, keeps saying that the national team needs a batsman. Obviously to bolster his choice of a rich man’s spoilt brat (who knows, maybe that brat was really talented, but thats not the point). And then good old Kapil Dev pops up and says to our hero that the team needs a bowler!

So, the million dollar (and five crore rupees) question is: have the selectors and management of our national team been influenced a bit too much by Iqbal? I am happy that we have taken a 2-0 lead into the series, but look at our top scorers – two a bowler and a newbie! I mean, I don’t know – all I could think of was the dialogue from the movie.

Really, I don’t know what to say…