poll request

This might seem a bit odd but I’m ready to adopt desperate measures, so help me God.

Dave’s survey hasn’t picked up at all. Given the traffic on his blog, I find that disappointing. Not in the least because atleast two of us worked a bit on it. So here’s a request – go to Dave’s blog and take the survey or go directly (though you might lose perspective). Just for the kicks.

A few tips – the ratings aren’t that important – just rate those that you want to rate – the others will automatically attract a rating of 0. The most favorite and least favorite boxes are compulsory. And if you haven’t read any of the posts, well… try picking a few to sample and rate based on the titles; atleast two to effectively fill the most/least fav boxes 😉 . That will also rate Dave’s skills at title selection.

Dave dude, you owe me one for this.

4 thoughts on “poll request

  1. Hrishikesh

    Well, rating posts sucks… I’d rather have rated them when I read them… Which reminds me, I can do something of that sort to my blog!

    And this comment preview thingy rocks! I love it!

  2. rvbhute

    Exactly. The Client is a moron, but do I care? If this were for real, I would be laughing my way to the bank to encash the check. I did try to persuade him to leave out ratings; after all, it was more work for me, but then, hey, why should I care? Let him play with what he has got.

  3. Varun

    Hey.. i have given the overall thing to him.. and I believe that’s the best way to rate a blog(Although I personally dont believe in rating a blog).
    Harry’s is doing a great job….and so are all those dudes who spend time writing … because it’s a very busy world out there.

    Sorry man.

  4. Haridas Dave

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, ooops sorry, did not know you guys were talking about me, I didn’t see this post until today. ne wayz, the idea was right but maybe there were some lacunae i.e., 50 posts rating together. something of rating per post is a better thought. lekin chalta hai. i guess even guys dozed off in the thought of rating 50 together. so i would do best what others have done. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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