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Varun has announced the much-awaited (for those who knew they were coming) BE Electrical 2006 awards. Bhise followed it up with the technical awards, whatever that means. I would say both were interesting reads. We do like to conduct appraisals, after all. And what the heck, maybe these guys themselves are now a bit more sure about their equations with others.

I do not have an affinity for awards. They are ephemereal. What qualifies me for an award now may not be so after sometime. What I do prefer is setting up teams (No, not your typical eleven member cricket teams; so Amey, go back to the bench). Which is something of an irony – I’m a bit (hell, largely) a lone wolf sort of guy. And more often than not, I – a “good ole chair-bound, tapping away at the keyboard” kind of guy – pick out teams patterned after special ops teams. Call it a hangover from reading a bit too many military espionage novels. Be well aware that the people I invite may not have killed a mosquito in their life. They may even refuse to be on my team, but then, hey, I got backups.

Before you fall off your chair visualizing me tagged up in a SAS BDU – a spec-ops team usually has a guy (or many guys) back in the command center – he looks after them, looks out for them; he’s their control. Thats me.

Varun Rajkumar – Want to know why he’s first? Remember Age of Mythology? In there, there’s a warrior with more hitpoints than Arkantos – Ajax. Thats the perfect description for Varun. Dependable through and through. Tends to get high frequently. Short tempered and brutally honest. Your team shall not lose. No matter what.

Kapil Bodkhe – Need a cool head in the team who also has the know-how to get a job done. I have yet to see him blow his fuse. This guy works, without breaking into a sweat. Ever.

Vidyadhar Bhise – This guy is a veritable mine for contacts. You work him right, he drops the names to get your stuff done. Ask me. Catapulted into the tech team without slaving my butt even once beforehand. Head of Tech Team, no less. Also good for getting things done in a hurry.

Hrishikesh Thite – You are kidding! I don’t want to lose because I let this guy go. Throw stuff at him like you throw a ball at a seal. If he’s in the mood (which is the case most of the times) your job is done. Keep those meatballs at hand, just in case…

Amey Kulkarni – Nothing like a random variable to keep a control on his toes. This guy has an unsurpassed capacity for getting beaten up. Got into a cluster-fuck? Put Amey on point and get your team out. Be ready for a case of bad nerves though. This guy is irritating with a capital I.

Piyush Shah – Take Kapil. Remove icy cool and put in tempered steel. This guy does his job. Does it well. And can and does blow his fuse.

Haridas Dave – This guy does his work. And you are left figuring just how the hell he does it.

Yogesh Tarate – One word. A smooth operator. OK, three words.

Vaibhav Patwardan – Job. Well performed. Nothing more is needed. This guy is on my team.

Bhalchandra Bhat – Want someone to work the system. Not much can be achieved by being clean and honest, after all. Use this guy. Watch him and watch your back.

Thats my A team. The one I’ll put out into the field first. Of course, I got a backup. The second tier, to speak of – the B team.

Deepak Ujania – If you had spent less time chasing pussies and instead, hunted the big cats, I might have placed you above.

Aditya Save – What can I say? This guy has the stuff to make it up above, but somehow, he often doesn’t make it. Ask him yourself.

Bhupendra Amodekar – Ambiguity can easily overshadow skill-sets. Dude, learn to avoid mouthing off before completing the thought process.

Pramod Gupta – When I need a memory machine disguised as a human, I’ll ask you to step up. Can you show me the 4-bit counter again? Or was it a decade counter?

Vikas Dixit – Firecracker for a mouth. Enough said.

Himanshu Bari and Rohan Barge – Always seen them together. Even while copying in the exams. The proverbial laughing man and the “I can be a total hunk” guy; together.

Nikhil Parkar – One piece of advice. Don’t get on his bad side. You will never be able to live it down.

Anwesh Das – Talented. Laidback. Too laidback. End of story.

Apratim Ambade – This guy is useful. He knows a lot of stuff. To start with, standup comedy for the benefit of his team.

Nikhil Manjrekar and Deepak Yawalkar – Ever heard of the silent types who always complete the task? These two are it.

Anay Dhoraje – Can be trained. Useful.

I have not identified the B team members’ capabilities as well as I’ve for the A team because I don’t need them as urgently. 😉

And thats all. Well, its not to say that I’ve said FO to the rest of you. There’s not much to set you apart from each other, thats all there is to it.

A big shout out to the 06 batch. You have made me somewhat different from when I left junior college. I’m sure of it.

7 thoughts on “awards and more awards

  1. Haridas Dave

    hmmm, very very interesting post. like varun said “till a certain pt, it is difficult to comprehend whether what bhute has said is gaali ya taarif” But i firmly believe, getting a mention on a blog like Bhute’s is a tarif in itself. Even for characters like Bhim, who is at the receiving end every time, it is a honor. I respect Bhute, for his brilliance, his silent (ok not so silent) resolute way of going about things (mostly in making software n related activities) and most importantly for his self belief (i know it seems arrogant sometimes but I m telling you it is a standup pt of this man). When he opens his mouth, he is certainly knowing what he is telling and to be able to do that is commendable. The same goes with his writing. Bhute one thing is for sure, I am definitely source the work of my Website to you and also a new idea (related to website n software from u). Aakhir tere se hi to team hai !!!

  2. Varun

    Post of year dude….
    Firstly, I could never have made such “brutally honest” decisions… and that’s one of the reasons i decided to salute each and every one in our class for being what they are and how much they have influenced me.
    You are a great guy dude. And as Dave’s said above, its always a priviledge to be a member of the “Rohit Bhute Team”. That too the First member… Really a honour.
    Thanks for being all that you were and doing all that you did over the past few years…
    Keep Rocking!!!

  3. rvbhute

    Varun, “Brutally honest” refers to your comments and responses during the debates/discussions/fights in the classroom, canteen, etc.; not decisions.

    Dave, what can I say about Bhupi? Its all based on experience as his project partner.

  4. vidyadhar

    dude o dude…
    first of all thanks for mentioning me on ur priviledged node on internet..
    really urs is only the place where nothing can be without a purpose..
    and really this post rocks…
    and yes for that technical thing u were wondering…
    u may have seen filmfare and stuff…
    they have two awards film direcor etc..and the second one is for best background score. lighting etc…these second category are called technical, which are not as glamourous as main..thus i termed mine as technical..thats it..
    nothin technical about it that way..

  5. rvbhute

    Whats the deal with the privilege stuff? You people are pulling my leg now.

    Thanks for stopping by, dude. And that technical thing – well, its all cleared up. Actually, the only thing I see during the awards are the song-and-dance routines.

  6. Amey kulkarni

    Its been a previledge knowing you bhute, I lost 2 years in Bhavans though. I definitely attach a lot of weight to ur objectivity. You have made accurate and vakuable observations about me which provide great insights into my personality
    You have been a friend with whom the friendship has seen a lot of maximas and minimas.
    I don’t understand u still. (maybe my comprehension is poor).Sometimes u are friendly and other times u are pissed off with no apparent reason.
    just one advice to you. Become a more social human being. I get the feeling that sometimes u hate the company of other human beings. Being lonely and solo is different than being non-social.

    Keep up the good work and may your talent be appreciated by the whole world one day.

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