censorship and anti-spam measures

There’s been some noise lately over the strict guard over my comment form. I do have to say no one says I shut your mouths but someone has expressed annoyance over the name/email/captcha thing. Beg your pardon? Yes, the person is not ready to fill in the email even when assured it won’t be displayed. Too bothersome, is the reply. What? Am I going to track you down and do something bad? If I give you free reign over what you can say, surely I need to know who “you” are, don’t I? The deal’s not that bad, is it?

Among other things, I’ve cleaned up the previous entries – removing cross-category posting, generating permalinks – that sort of stuff. And I’ve started working on the static pages. To see what I’m talking about, see the ‘About’ page, from the menubar at the top or from the sidebar.

And I have a friendly surprise for IE visitors.