inconsiderate bastards

They had it coming.

Hooligans who got money to spare. So they buy their children packets of plastic (so thin, they should be banned) during the month preceding Holi. And you know it – suddenly residential areas turn into pitched urban battlefields that would have done the WWII defenders of Stalingrad proud.

They got money to spare. So they buy those biscuits that come in packs of hundred and feed it to the dogs lazing around. And Darwin’s law takes a back-seat. With no competition for food any longer, the damn mongrels multiply; leading to turf wars. At night. Ever tried sleeping through the ruckus that screaming, growling, howling, barking, whimpering dogs make when they are involved in turf wars? At night?

And they live in the apartment below mine. Which is on the ground floor. They got money to spare, right? So what do they do when a relative is getting married? Turn it into a goddamned Ekta Kapoor production, thats what they do. And of course, they save money (how else do you think they get money to spare?) by appropriating the society grounds to serve as the stage for the production.

I wouldn’t have minded a family gathering. But when the damn brats put up a 1000W speaker 5 metres from my window and pump it to full volume for 6 hours daily till 11:30 in the night for 3 days running… Sonuvabitch!

Those bastards should be castrated and fed to the very dogs they feed their biscuits to.

They got no decency at all.