new mouse!

I always used to hear the big deal pilots and race drivers made about their gloves. How they have to fit perfectly and so on. Otherwise, the poor guy holds the stick (or the wheel) too tightly and pretty soon cramps his hands. I never thought it could apply to something as redundant as a computer mouse. Redundant, you ask? Why not? I believe all tasks except the ones involving freehand drawing can be done through the humble keyboard. Ask me. For some months now, my mouse had been giving me trouble. First, the damn buttons went haywire – intent on double (sometimes triple) clicking all my single clicks. Then the trackball forgot that it is supposed to stay in touch with the horizontal roller. Tremendous wrist pain. And incredibly, I adapted! From sharp flicks of my wrist that ensured the pointer snapped from one side of the screen to the other to using keyboard shortcuts for stuff I never knew could have them. OK, so I didn’t learn all the shortcuts, but enough to forget that basically, I needed to replace my mouse. ASAP.

So what changed the status quo? My project report. I needed a good mouse. One that sent the pointer where I wanted to, without wasting any time or straining my wrists. In a bind, I borrowed Bhise’s piece. And I realized what I was actually doing so long. It was wrong (that rhymes?). Forget memorizing shortcuts and enduring painful wrists. The broken mouse was slowing me down! Damn. Double damn.

Today, I got a basic optical mouse. Logitech. And I’m happy.