playing with clay

What is it about PHP and MySQL that makes them so damn easy to play with? You just use a few applications that are written in PHP and you get hooked. When I was setting up a wiki, I started with PhpWiki, then MediaWiki and ended up with DokuWiki. On the CMS front, Drupal was the one and only app I could think of. And on the blogging side, its WP over MT.

Even as it is competent enough to run the WP engine, I find it ridiculously easy to play with. From writing small hacks to take care of Blogger imports into the WP databse, to writing survey applications for Dave. Right now, I’m chipping away at a simple blogring script.

Also running on my localhost is a database of my fanfiction record. Searchable and editable by the enduser, without reaching PMA. Plus, I’m thinking of offering a better version of the survey to Dave to keep running with his blog – though that would require some work on the UI part.

The last time I had so much fun was when I wrote my cricket program in BASIC.