POA for migration to Dapper Drake

Now that I’ve got my system fully operational, its time to move. But, (pity!) I got exams. So I have to postpone the move upto June. And its a good thing too. Dapper Drake is coming out on June 1. So when I move, I will move to the latest version of Ubuntu. But in the meantime, here’s the POA (thats something I learnt from my CATty friends).

  1. Download Dapper Drake from Breezy Badger. Four things – linux hours, cd-writng experience, linux bit-torrent experience and pacenet outage handling experience (those pesky 25xxx errors).
  2. Install Dapper Drake and get the net connected 🙂 . Get Firestarter.
  3. Migration shouldn’t be much of a hitch – I’m pretty much used to the suite of applications – Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, GIMP, Dia, GAIM, Bit-Torrent, etc.
  4. Transfer my stuff from Windows to Linux, specially the mailbox.
  5. Figure out the various paths – Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl.
  6. Install Java, only because I want to continue with my applet stuff.
  7. FF plugins – Java, Flash, Shockwave and FF extensions.
  8. Media codecs – audio and video – maybe VLC player will do?
  9. Sync up localhost. Check out sitecopy and an FTP client.

I expect to finish most of this by 15th June.

Along with this, I’m going to overhaul my site (AGAIN). When I get a domain and a paid host, that is.

DokuWiki is coming back. I like TiddlyWiki but I’m going to use it like I mentioned earlier – for special jobs like a CD front-end and stuff like that. DokuWiki is more in tune with what I have in mind for my site. In addition to the usual stuff, the wiki will hold my Linux tips/configs – useful when I have to upgrade.